Etna Trekking

Excursion on Sartorius Mountains

In short


Rifugio Citelli

Starting Height:

1,851 Metres

Max Height:

1,765 Metres


2 Hours


3 Kilometres

Levels of Difficulty:

Difficulty Easy

Excursion Details

A pleasant and simple excursion, on the Northeast side of Mount Etna, or as Sicilians call it “Mongibello”, the largest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world.

This area is of particular interest from a botanical and geological point of view.

We will proceed circling the mountains’ for about 4 km, beginning at an altitude of about 1,660 metres.

Along the path, you will admire, according to the season, numerous seasonal endemic species of trees, including the Festucae Poa, fragrant tufts of Tanacetum, Spino Santo, Astragalus Siculus, Chamomile, Saponaria and Romice of Etna.
In addition, there are numerous volcanic bombs of considerable size, and a wonderful forest of Birch Aetnensis.

Behind Monte Frumento delle Concazze, there is one of the largest adventitious cones of Mount Etna.
Geologically, the Sartorius Mountains and the immense lava flow that gave rise to them in 1865, forming the typical “crater chain” of eruptive cones, represent the greatest interest.
This flow, 12 metres deep, extends for about 8 square km.

For most people, young and old in good health, and families with children.

Note: We will also visit a Volcanic Cave.

For the safety of hikers, the guide can modify the excursion if adverse weather and volcanic conditions should occur, or for any other reason that could compromise the success of the excursion.

What will you provide me with?

Our organization will provide you with:


A nature guide (AIGAE Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche).


A helmet for visiting volcano caves

What should I do and not do?

It is imperative that you follow your guide’s instructions at all times.
Above all, never go off on your own.

What should I take with me?


Some snacks and a 1 1/2 litre bottle of water


Hiking Shoes


A hat


A windbreaker


A fleece jacket


A rucksack.


Long trousers




Sunscreen lotion

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